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Install MacVim on Mac OS X

Published on 2014-10-05 by Sunaina Pai

Download MacVim-snapshot-73-Mavericks.tbz from (Note: The binary requires Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later. It will not run on earlier versions of Mac OS X!)

To install, drag the to the Applications folder. You are good to go by double clicking this MacVim icon.

To start MacVim from Terminal, set the PATH enviroment variable to include the location where the mvim script has to be found. To do this move the mvim script to your favourite location, which in my case is /Users/sunaina/bin and add this path to /etc/paths.

To set PATH, enter the following command on Terminal.

sudo vi /etc/paths

Enter your password and you will see all the paths you have. Add the path to the mvim script to this file, save and quit. Open a new Terminal. You should be able to start MacVim from Terminal with the following command.


You can customize your MacVim to suit your needs. For doing this create a .vimrc file at your home location. You can download my customizations from

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